Using video to reach out to the right talent

With clients including Santander, RBS and BAE Systems (to name but a few), Alexander Mann Solutions are a huge international recruitment firm, operating in over 90 countries. They reached out to us a little over a year ago to see how we could help them use video to maximise talent acquisition on behalf of their clients, and since then we’ve enjoyed working with them on a wide range of projects across the UK and overseas. (more…)...
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5 steps: How to create a great promotional video

With 95% of viewers retaining messages from video, it should be one of the most important components of any organisation’s marketing communications. Video reaches out to a wide audience in a way that words just can’t. Creating a new promotional video might appear complicated. But, no matter what it is you do and want to shout about, all you need is to follow these 5 simple steps for a creative and engaging video that packs a punch... (more…)...
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A video production company that travels

Here at Janno, we’ve had the privilege of travelling to some pretty amazing places with our work over the last few years. We’ve created exciting and engaging content for clients both on their home turf and further afield. Whether you need someone to film on location in the UK or you’re looking to capture a conference overseas, we are happy to pack up our kit and meet you there. So, why do so many companies look to Janno, a non-local video production company to capture their video content? (more…)...
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