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The challenge

The CMS Business Development & Communications team wanted to explore how video could increase internal engagement with announcements and firm news, and external engagement with thought leadership.

“We initially spoke to two London-based video production agencies to help us create video content. They had lots of layers of management, wanted to send down a big crew for what just needed to be a simple video and didn’t consider the bigger picture at CMS..”
Jenny Hallatt Senior Brand Manager, CMS

CMS then contacted us to explain their challenge and ask if we could help.

Watch the video case study of our work with CMS:

Higher quality, faster delivery, lower cost

For video to be a success at CMS, the videos produced had to be high quality from the start and work within their business and budgeting processes.  So we introduced CMS to our ‘Fixed Cost Films’ option – a menu of easy to understand video outputs at fixed prices. For high volumes of videos that need to be professional quality, but don’t require conceptual thinking, this was a great fit for them.

We worked together with CMS to devise the most effective production process for them.  This included consultancy on equipment, initial training on how to use it and development of standard video assets inline with the CMS brand guidelines.

The first project was to raise the profile of CMS’s Legal Services Unit internally, which was being underutilised. We conducted a two location shoot in London and Glasgow to produce a three minute summary of the capabilities of the Legal Services Unit and the benefits of working with them. The video was promoted as an internal news story, emailed around the firm by the managing partner and now sits on the Legal Services Unit’s page on the firm’s intranet. The Legal Services unit saw an immediate increase in enquiries and continues to benefit from the video.

This first video was a success for the firm.  We delivered a higher quality result in less time than CMS would have managed internally, plus the Fixed Cost Films menu meant CMS knew exactly what the project would cost and we could take what could have been a tricky project off the marketing department’s plate.

On brand, off the charts results

Since that initial video in late 2016, Janno has produced over 100 videos for CMS to help them achieve a wide variety of outcomes.

Thought leadership

Combining ‘talking heads’ and motion graphics and shared through social channels, our videos have seen an average 40% increase in engagement compared to static image posts.  Watch our video for the CMS Infrastructure Index thought leadership, which has been viewed over 5000 times and resulted in over 600 downloads of the reports.


A mixture of video and still images are taken from events to create a package of media which can be shared internally, on the CMS website and on social media. No-one misses out on the insights and the investment in the event is maximised. Click here to see an example from CMS Academy, which was part of a campaign that led to over 4,000 new followers to the CMS UK Graduates Facebook account.


Video has been used to deliver training within CMS and to clients. Our training videos combine live action footage of training being delivered with slides and animation, to enable the material to reach a larger audience. Our templated animation format allows us to produce engaging training videos and easily modify the videos when the material required changes.

Senior Management announcements

While we have produced a range of videos for internal communications, our videos have also been trusted to announce some of the largest changes at the firm. In May 2017, CMS was part of the largest ever merger in the UK legal sector. Our videos enabled senior management to reach the whole of the new firm effectively and deliver updates in a visual and timely way.

Sector Group Promotion

To promote the firm’s sector groups internally and encourage lawyers to join them we produced animated advertisements for of each sector group. The videos communicate the quality of their client base, range of issues they deal with and the opportunities to get involved.

Client profiles

Working with the Client Relationship Manager for one of CMS’s largest clients, we created a short video where each team member shared a short testimonial on why they enjoyed working with the client, demonstrating to the client how valued they are and therefore strengthening the relationship.

Onboarding new joiners

Working with the recruitment team at CMS, we produced an office tour of each of CMS’s UK offices. Using locally-based lawyers as guides, the videos give new recruits an overview of their office and show what it’s like to work there day to day.

Infinite possibilities, definite certainties

Since starting to work with CMS we have continually broadened our remit as more departments have sought to take advantage of the benefits that video offers to effectively convey their message.

“What we like about working with Janno Media is the predictability, their fast turnaround times and we trust they will deliver on time. I know that I am going to get a good result, I know what it is going to cost, I know when I am going to receive it and I know it’s one less thing for me to worry about. Together, we’ve proven that producing video does not have to be an expensive and lengthy process for CMS.”

Jenny Hallatt, Senior Brand Manager, CMS

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