We’re having so much fun reading and producing all the stories we’ve been sent for our story writing competition. They’ve honestly been a ray of light during this challenging time.

Big thanks to all the young people who have taken the time to write us stories so far. Hopefully it’s been a nice break from the school work.

We’ve been really impressed with the imaginative tales we’ve received and we’re still up for making more, so please keep them coming!

The competition is open to children up to the age of 12 and the winning entries are brought to life with animation by our team at Janno Media.

Special thanks go out to Joe, Jonny, Jack, Finley, Felicity, Samuel, Elodie, Willa and Rose for their entries – we hope you liked your videos!

Introduction to the competition, featuring a short story by Joe Rogers, aged 5

The Great Race, Rose Hallatt, aged 6

Dordas the Mouse, Willa Archer, aged 3

Harrison’s Easter Adventure, Elodie Traynor, aged 5

The Jelly Man, Samuel Dobson, aged 9

Gary the Cat, Felicity Pearce, aged 6

Return of the Kongs, Finley Hemming, aged 3

The Space Race, Jonny Hallatt, aged 8

The Kongs, Jack Hemming, aged 6

Please send in your story, along with a drawing or picture to story@jannomedia.com.

We look forward to seeing some more entries!