With video accounting for 80% of all internet traffic, it’s no surprise that charities are using it to engage audiences, increase understanding and empower people to take action.

The trick is, using video in the right way to cut through the noise and truly get your audience to become active supporters and advocates. 

So, here’s some helpful tips on how you can create impactful videos to do your cause justice.

#1. Make a connection that counts

Video is a brilliant way to make an initial connection with a prospective supporter. Using real people to tell your story builds trust with your audience. But don’t just tell your story. Your audience needs to take action so make sure your video always has a clear purpose and call to action.

#2. Stir emotions

That’s the beauty of video. It’s engaging and compelling and it appeals to human nature in a way that words can’t. Make the most of this powerful tool, but make sure this is done respectfully and appropriately with proper representation of your beneficiaries. (Perpetuating stereotypes does nothing for a charity’s public image…and will be noticed for all the wrong reasons!)

#3. Reach your target audience

Using video enables you to communicate your charity’s goals on a mass scale, allowing you to reach your widest possible audience. A well-thought-out video will enable you to offer lots of information in an easy to digest way which will encourage action. Try using social media influencers and charity enthusiasts to support your message and try to get your target audience really involved in social campaigns, through hashtags and reposts.

#4. Allow your video to evolve

High quality and engaging video offers a great return on investment. Instead of physical campaign materials, which soon lose value, videos can be re-edited and updated as you and your messages grow. This helps you stay on top on your cause and also enables you to make sure your messages are always relevant for your target audience. When embarking on a new video idea, think holistically about your future video needs so you can make cost effective decisions and plans when producing your content. 

#5. Say the right thing and say it well

You need to get your audience excited about a campaign first, then show them how they can help. But there are other effective ways of getting new supporters on board with your cause. Videos can motivate fundraisers and inspire action by propelling those all important messages with:

  • About us videos – let people know who you are, what you do and why
  • Case studies – Showcase your beneficiaries and how you’re making a difference
  • Join us videos – Drum up volunteers and show people how they can join your team
  • Campaign videos – Spread awareness and endorse specific campaigns 
  • Impact stories – Celebrate wins and success stories 

It’s important to pick the right video production company when it comes to producing work on behalf of your charity. You need someone who’s trustworthy, reliable and who will help you get the most from your budget. 

We can help with concept development and production, through to marketing and distribution. Contact us today if you’re working on a new idea. We’d love to chat it through.