We’re working hard at Janno Media to support all of our clients with their communications objectives during these unsettling times. 

We’re staying positive and are here to help find solutions to your video needs. We’re looking at new ways of maintaining efficiency, to help brands across the UK stay one step ahead.

How video can help your brand maintain momentum
Given the amount of daily information we are being exposed to, videos are a great way of keeping both internal and external communications fresh, relevant and engaging. 

Whether you’re launching an exciting new product, you’re working on a helpful explainer, you need to present some findings, or you’re looking to develop some internal communications, we have some great ideas in place.


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again…animated videos continue to be an engaging, creative and memorable way to convey your message. They can make complex ideas become clear, concise and effective. And because these videos are so creative and visually pleasing, everybody likes them. As well as lending themselves to any brand, this style of video means low effort on your part and low cost, providing a great return on investment.

* And of course, we don’t need to come and capture any content! We will leave that to our skilled, in-house team!


We pride ourselves on delivering a great service to our clients and part of that is keeping hold of all your existing content, even the bits which didn’t make the cut for a particular video project. The beauty of our business is that we can create something entirely new from footage that has already been filmed. So, if you’re looking to update a current piece of content to make it relevant, or you would like us to look through your existing footage in order to create something new, then we can!

*We also have access to some excellent stock footage which can really help enhance the overall look and feel of a video.


We appreciate that social distancing comes with its challenges, however it is possible to create a beautifully blended video that still packs a punch. We can work with you to remotely record necessary audio for a video or we can use our skilled team of voiceover artists to create the perfect tone. Combine this with some creative custom graphics and animation (done in-house), in addition to any relevant stock footage/branded assets and you have what you need. 


We work with many clients to cut through the noise on social media by creating fast, punchy and compelling graphics to complement social media activity. These help communicate concise messages and capture viewers’ interests in just a few seconds. With a strong call to action, these posts often encourage activity from your audience and help brands get results.


Live streaming of a webinar, event or presentation is a great way of creating a virtual environment and community. As well as setting up these ‘events’ and making sure they have the production values your brand deserves, we can also produce edited versions for you to share following your live streams. 

We appreciate the measures that many organisations are taking to keep support their staff and other key stakeholders, however we are confident that we can continue to help you meet your communications objectives in a fast, easy and cost-effective way.

If you would like to discuss any of these solutions or any other ideas you have then please get in touch today. We look forward to hearing from you.