Drive online sales through the clever use of video marketing

Video marketing has the power to bring products to life, increase sales conversions, improve customer satisfaction and raise awareness of your brand.

Don’t you think it’s time you included it in your content strategy?

David Attenborough - Video Strategy

Video has repeatedly proved its success at every stage of the customer journey. Thanks to our background in marketing and professional communications, we can help you take advantage of this, creating beautifully crafted video content that drives sales.

We have bags of experience of integrating video content into your wider marketing campaign or content strategy. Many companies have yet to realise the power of video and use it to their advantage, but the number who have are seeing real results. Don’t get left behind.

Highly targeted video content

David Attenborough - Video Strategy

We create videos targeted for each stage of the sales funnel, from attraction, through conversion, to after-sales, so that your video marketing strategy is as effective as possible.

Videos will be created for each specific need, so that each stage of the buying cycle is supported with high-quality focused video content. We can even create branded 360 video viewers for your prospects to receive as part of an integrated video marketing campaign.

We’ve created promotional videos that appeal to buyer needs, product videos that clearly demonstrate features and benefits, and online manuals for use as sales support or as an after-sales service.

Video channel selection

We’ll apply our expertise to define the length, format and creative of your video depending on the intended channel and use of the video.

Best practice is continually evolving and we ensure we remain at the forefront of the industry. This means we are able to advise you on the perfect video solution for each channel. So, whether you’re looking for web video production, social media video production, or anything else dictated by your video content strategy, we have you covered.

We can also help you with video distribution and YouTube optimisation, so that your video can be found – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) applies to video content too.

Contact us to find out how video can help improve your web presence.

Video marketing experts

Whether you work in a B2B or B2C environment, Janno Media can help you bring your products and services to life, maximise online sales conversions, increase customer satisfaction and raise awareness of your brand.

From initial strategy, to calculating return on investment (ROI), we are your ideal video marketing partner.

Get in touch today to discover the possibilities.

Social media video production

Social media is the ideal channel for video distribution and is proving to be a rapidly growing area for video production.

Each social media platform comes with its own preferred video format and best practice requirements. As these regularly evolve, it can make social media video production a challenge for marketing and communications managers. To help you maximise your results on each platform, we stay on top of these developments, so you don’t have to.

Examples of what we’ve produced include engaging edits of longer videos specifically designed for social media, bespoke Facebook videos, landing page videos and highlight showreels that really capture people’s attention.

So, if you want to take advantage of Facebook Canvas, Twitter video or video on LinkedIn get in touch and we will advise you on the social media video marketing strategy that is right for you.

David Attenborough - Video Strategy

Why Use Janno Media?

  • We offer great quality and personalised service at a competitive price
  • Our communications experience means that your video will resonate with your audience
  • Our smart content approach gives your videos longevity so your investment lasts longer
  • We offer a footage library as standard, so that we can re-edit your video whenever you wish
  • We use the latest leading video technology – mobile video, aerial and 360° immersive videos

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