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We are experts in video production. We create quality video with real meaning.

Our team has a unique blend of experience in communications, public relations, marketing and video production, which gives us an edge over other video production companies.

This combination of skills gives us a distinctive talent for film-making and storytelling that makes us your ideal video agency partner.

Video Production

Tailor-made video concepts

Our mission is to produce powerful and engaging web and mobile friendly videos designed to reach out to those who matter the most to you. We work hard to create tailor-made concepts and digital communications to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for engagement, sales, bookings or you simply just want to be heard, we can help.

As a small and friendly team, we provide a personalised service and take pride in building meaningful working relationships. We will work with you to create bespoke, quality video that will add value to your organisation and help contribute to your success.

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Our video services

We produce a full range of videos, including corporate videos, promotional videos and sales videos. Our extensive experience enables us to fully understand what is required for each case and means we know all of the essential components needed to make every film successful.

Increasingly we also produce videos to be used as HR tools. As video is such an effective way of disseminating information consistently across large or geographically diverse organisations, the use of internal communications videos is on the rise. For the same reasons training videos are also becoming more and more popular to support e-learning and retraining.

We’re also well practised in advertising video production, making videos to lead or compliment your advertising campaign.
Whatever your need, we have the skills and experience in video production to help you meet your goals.

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Creative video concepts

At the start of the process we strive to gain a full understanding of your audience and your campaign objectives. We’ll then use this knowledge to generate insights and recommendations on how to communicate with your target viewers to maximum effect.

Our expertise will enable you to use the power of storytelling to get your message across.

We’ll recommend creative techniques that will make your video stand-out to ensure that it will be noticed, and viewed by your target demographic. A run of the mill video will generate run of the mill results, so we work hard to bring creativity to your video concept.

We’re not seeking industry awards – we’re motivated by creating videos that deliver results for your business.

Smart content approach

Our smart content approach adds both value and longevity to your investment. We plan your promotional video in such a way that content such as product features, prices or other information that goes out of date can be easily re-edited so that your video stays accurate.

By strategically structuring your video for longevity your return on investment will improve. Your content will stay accurate and effective for longer.

Animation and Motion Graphics

With dedicated expertise in animation and motion graphics, we can help bring your story to life with an engaging, cleverly crafted animated film.

We can help you transform a complex idea into a creative, eye-catching and easy-to-follow video which will capture the imagination of your audience.

Our exciting 2D and 3D animated content will enable you to communicate your organisation’s key messages in a powerful, current and fun format and we will work with you every step of the way to ensure we build a results-driven, creative solution.

If you’re after an inspired animation creator to produce creative content which will speak volumes – look no further.

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Video footage library

We offer the use of our secure footage library as standard, free of charge to all clients. In it we will keep all of your footage on file so that we are ready to create re-edits or new videos as and when you need them. We won’t delete any of your film without your express permission.

Video production

Our in-house video production team will edit, shape and polish your video to create a finished film to present to you.

Your footage will be combined with music, voiceover, graphics and animations to create a promotional video that leaves your audience with a lasting positive impression.

During production we will share video edits with you for review, so that you get the opportunity to comment before the final video output is produced.

Once approved, we can support you in making the most of your video content through YouTube optimisation, social media marketing or integration with your overall communications plan.

We’re a video production company based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire but we work with clients across the UK and Europe. As well as video production we also offer video editing services, photography, aerial footage and 360 panorama film.

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Why Use Janno Media?

  • We offer great quality and personalised service at a competitive price
  • Our communications experience means that your video will resonate with your audience
  • Our smart content approach gives your videos longevity so your investment lasts longer
  • We offer a footage library as standard, so that we can re-edit your video whenever you wish
  • We use the latest leading video technology – mobile video, aerial and 360° immersive videos

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