Whether you need to educate, inform, convert or nurture a sale, video is a must-have marketing asset

Our video strategy service will help you define the role that video plays in your marketing, sales or internal communications strategies.

As professionals in marketing, public relations and communications, we utilise our backgrounds to help you define what you want from video and create something to attract, engage and motivate the viewer.

Our experienced team will work with you to define your communications objectives and define the role that video can play within your marketing mix.

We’ll start by researching your audience to truly understand their needs, wants and behaviours. Then we’ll help you translate your story into benefits that appeal to their needs and wrap it all up into a narrative that will form the basis of your video strategy.

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Video marketing strategy

How does video fit within your overall marketing mix? Does your content strategy recognise the role that video plays in driving traffic through social media marketing, inbound marketing, or converting leads on landing pages?

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We can advise you on how video can help you attract, engage and convert leads by providing relevant and persuasive video content at the right time, with the right message. Whether your video marketing strategy is business-to-business (B2B) or consumer focussed (B2C), third sector or something else altogether, video plays a vital role in communicating quickly and effectively with your viewers.

If your campaign is led by video we’ll help you to devise a video campaign plan so that one film leads into the next, building a co-ordinated approach to using video in your marketing.

Your video marketing strategy should define how video content integrates with other tactics to deliver the objectives of your campaign.

Video brand guidelines

Your video strategy needs to align with your business branding. Video content needs to be consistent with the brand guidelines of your organisation in tone of voice, style and visual identity. We all want creative videos that stand out, but it’s important that your videos are recognisably yours, and don’t fight against your other creative assets. Video brand guidelines will make sure that your brand integrity is maintained throughout all the videos you produce.

In larger organisations it’s common for different departments to produce videos to support their own communications objectives, whether that’s for internal communications, marketing, sales or product support. Video brand guidelines will allow you to maintain consistency across all video content.

If you’re planning to use video as part of your content strategy it’s important that viewers see consistency across all your video assets. To ensure this happens, as part of your video strategy, we can create video brand guidelines for you that include common standards for intros and end screens, graphics and logo use.

Every video needs to deliver return on investment

Because of our unique mixture of communications, PR and marketing expertise, our experienced team can help you define a clear and persuasive message for your video campaign.

We’ll create a video strategy that will cut through the noise and speak to your target audience in their language, using a creative approach and distribution channels that motivate them to act.

We produce engaging and inspiring videos which will unlock your vision, meet your objectives and maximise your return on investment.

You’re investing in video content so why not create a video strategy that will work hard for your business?

Get started on your video strategy.

Why Use Janno Media?

  • We offer great quality and personalised service at a competitive price
  • Our communications experience means that your video will resonate with your audience
  • Our smart content approach gives your videos longevity so your investment lasts longer
  • We offer a footage library as standard, so that we can re-edit your video whenever you wish
  • We use the latest leading video technology – mobile video, aerial and 360° immersive videos

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